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Quality Landscaping and Snow Removal


Preferred Lawn offers year-round services for almost all your lawn and landscaping needs. 

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Preferred Lawn has been owned and operated by Lydell Savage for nearly 30 years. Throughout the year, we provide different lawn care services to maintain or improve the quality of your property, including mowing, mulch bed and landscaping installation, weed control and fertilization for lawn and mulch beds, tree and shrub maintenance, leaf removals, dock installation and removals, and snow removal.

All of our services are based in western Maryland, near the Deep Creek Lake area.  Our services are implemented by our trained staff in a timely manner.  If you have inquiries about our services or would like an estimate, please contact Lydell at 301-616-8273.

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We will cut your grass using our top of the line mowers and weed eating equipment. We trim lawns to a healthy length that produces a quality color while keeping them short enough to not be a nuisance.



Our landscaping crew provides the application of mulch to plant beds. This not only provides aesthetic value to your flower beds, but can also reduce the intrusion of weeds.

Our landscaping crew will also prune shrubs and most trees. We will also install other ground cover to your flower beds besides mulch, such as river rock.

Pesticide Applications


Our Maryland-certified staff can provide multiple forms of pesticide applications to your lawn, mulch beds, and tree and shrubs.

Our services include complete fertilization and weed control of your lawn, weed control application to your mulch beds, and services to ensure your trees and shrubs are monitored diseases or insect infestations.

Leaf Removal and Spring Cleanings


Our staff will remove unwanted leaves and foliage from your property to ensure you are ready for the upcoming summer season.



The staff here is capable of installing your dock into the lake, as well as  removing it at the end of the summer season.

We can also make repairs to your dock, such as replacing a ladder or broken piece.

Snow Removal


During the winter months, our staff will remove snow from driveways and walkways while applying a layer of agitators, like salt, to ensure the safe mobility of the residents.


Preferred Lawn and Landscape

Lydell Savage, Owner

Tel: 301-616-8273

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